Employment and Housing

If you need help with any of the below options or need more information, speak to the seminary admissions office.


There are many job opportunities in Harrisonburg, both on-campus and within the city and surrounding area.

Often part-time or seasonal work is posted on EMU’s website on the E-Classifieds

The local newspaper, the Daily-News Record , has a classified section posted online as well.

If you are interested in employment at EMU check with the human resources office .


There are many opportunities for various kinds of housing in the city of Harrisonburg.

Parkview, the area around EMU, has a number of houses with apartments for rent. Often these are advertised on the EMU E-Classifieds

There are a limited number of EMU apartments available to seminary students.
EMU-owned options are: (Note: the below housing options also describe housing for undergrad students, the credit hour limit does not apply to incoming seminary students)

Other housing may be found within the city of Harrisonburg through the Daily News-Record classifieds or local realtors.

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