Recent Long-Term STEM Research

Genetic Causes and Effects of Aging
Senior biology/music double major, Charise Garber worked with professor Jeff Copeland on PhD-level research on the genetic causes and effects of aging on fruit flies. The research builds on Copeland’s post-doctoral work at The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and his doctorate work at the California Institute of Technology. Garber and Copeland know that lowered metabolism specifically in the brains of flies can extend the lifespan, and additional research focused on what regions of the brain are affected and in what way.

Water Sanitation in Cambodia and Thailand
EMU students teamed up with three students from Buffalo (NY) State College to work on projects related to water sanitation in Cambodia and Thailand. Doug Graber Neufeld, professor of biology, gave oversight to the group.

Invasive Species of the Hawaiian Islands
Students worked with Matthew Siderhurst, associate professor of chemistry ,“chemistry”, on the Big Island of Hawaii. The project, funded by a grant from the Hawaii Invasive Species Council, focused on ways to control the little fire ant in Hawaii through identification and applications of their alarm pheromone(s).