Recent Chapels

Spring 2015

Friday, April 17

Music Chapel: Various Musicians

Wednesday, April 15

Student Recognition Chapel

Friday, April 10

Chapel Forum: Parable of the Ten Bridesmaids – Jennifer Davis Sensenig

Wednesday, April 8

Chapel Worship: Living Love Out Loud – Jessica Crawford

Wednesday, April 1

Holy Week Chapel: A King, a Colt and April Fools – Dr. Michael King ’76

Friday, March 27

Chapel Forum: Washington Community Scholars’ Center

Wednesday, March 25

Chapel Forum: Augsburger Lecture: An Alternative Narrative – Nelson Okanya ’02

Friday, March 20

Chapel Worship: Hymn Sing

Wednesday, March 18

Chapel Forum: Reflections from Spring Break Y-Trips

Friday, March 13

Chapel Forum: Writing Moral Fiction – Vic Sizemore

Wednesday, March 11

Chapel Worship: Parable of the Talents (Money) – Spencer Cowles

Friday, February 27

Chapel Worship: Emulate & Y-Trip Sending

Wednesday, February 25

Chapel Worship: A History Forgotten – Reverend Basil Marin

Friday, February 20

Chapel Forum: Parable of the Mustard Seed – Pastor John Murray

Wednesday, February 18

Ash Wednesday Chapel: Song and Prayer – Chamber Singers

Friday, February 13

SLW Chapel: Stories of Becoming. . . – personal faith stories – Gloria Rhodes, Eldon Kurtz, and Erin Hershey

Wednesday, February 11

SLW Chapel: Reflections on becoming. . . – personal faith stories – Philip Watson, Makora Nyagwegwe, and Daniel Barnhart

Friday, February 6

Chapel Forum: Atheism to Catholicism: a faith journey – Dr. Mark Bauerlein

Wednesday, February 4

Camp Day Chapel

Friday, January 30

Chapel Forum: Called to Ministry? – Hanna Heishman and Nathanael Ressler

Wednesday, January 28

Departmental Chapels (various locations)

Friday, January 23

Chapel Worship: Running with Shackles – Jolee Paden

Wednesday, January 21

Chapel Worship: Parable of Workers in the Vineyard – Duane Yoder

Monday, January 19

MLK, Jr. Celebration Chapel – Dr. Nikitah Okembe-RA Imani

Friday, January 16

Chapel Reading Circles: MLK, Jr. Sermons and Speeches

Wednesday, January 14

Chapel Worship: Glimpses of Conversion: Stories in the immigrants’ rights movement in Georgia – Anton Flores-Maisonet

Friday, January 9

Hymn Sing Chapel – Matt Carlson, Campus Pastor Intern

Wednesday, January 7

Opening Convocation – Diversity and Belonging: Love and the Liberal Arts – Provost Fred Kniss

Fall 2014

Wednesday, December 10

Cross-cultural chapel: SE Balkans: Bulgaria, Greece & Turkey

Monday, December 8

Christmas Chapel: Wake us to see a new world!

Friday, December 5

Chapel Worship: Advent Peace – Jacob Landis

Wednesday, December 3

Student Recognition Chapel

Friday, November 21

Chapel Worship: Parables Hymn Sing – Matthew Hunsberger

Wednesday, November 19

Chapel Worship: Parable of the Great Banquet – Matt Schwartz

Friday, November 14

Chapel Forum: Washington Community Scholars’ Center

Wednesday, November 12

Chapel Worship: How Can I Respond to Privilege? – Reverend Walt Ghant

Friday, November 7

Chapel Forum: Parable of the Good Samaritan – Linford Stutzman

Wednesday, November 5

Chapel Forum: Speak Up – Take Back the Night

Friday, October 31

SLW Chapel: Wondering and Wandering… How the Times of Unsettledness Impact and Shape us

Wednesday, October 29

SLW Chapel: Wondering and Wandering… Questions, Doubts, Fears, Living in Unsettledness

Friday, October 24

Chapel Forum: Parable of the Unmerciful Servant – Judy Mullet

Wednesday, October 22

Chapel Worship: Jessa Anderson, singer/songwriter

Friday, October 17

Chapel Forum: Swept Away: An Adventure Tale for Millennials – Mary Helen Washington

Wednesday, October 15

Chapel Worship: Parable of Two Men Praying – Dr. Myron Augusburger

Friday, October 10

Homecoming chapel: And the Two Shall Become One – Dr. Donald Oswald

Wednesday, October 8

Chapel Forum: One Light Still Shines – Marie Monville

Friday, October 3

Chapel Forum: So you want to be a neighbor? – Ron Byler

Wednesday, October 1

Chapel Worship: Hymn Sing Inspired by the Parables – Anne Waltner and friends

Friday, September 26

Chapel Forum: Exploring Ministry – Chris Parks and Evan Knappenberger

Wednesday, September 24

Chapel Worship: Parable of the Yeast – Dayna Olson-Getty

Friday, September 19

Chapel Forum: Marcando Nuestra Huella (Leaving our Footprint) – Boris Ozuna ’11

Wednesday, September 17

Chapel Worship: Sexuality and Following Jesus – Cherith Fee Nordling

Friday, September 12

Chapel Forum: Parable of the Prodigal Son – Don Clymer

Wednesday, September 10

Russian Orthodox Service – Rev. Father Krill

Friday, September 5

Cross-Cultural Chapel: Kenya, Iran & Local Context

Wednesday, September 3

Chapel Worship: Parables – Campus Ministries Team

Friday, August 29

Cross-Cultural Chapel: Spain & Lithuania

Wednesday, August 27

Opening Convocation: Working the Soil – President Loren Swartzendruber

Spring 2014

Wednesday, April 16

Holy Week Chapel: What was the last supper of Jesus? – Rabbi Niles Goldstein

Friday, April 11

Senior Chapel: Reflections on Faith and Spiritual Growth

Wednesday, April 9

Student Recognition Chapel

Friday, April 4

Chapel Forum: Washington Community Scholars’ Center (WCSC)

Wednesday, April 2

Chapel Worship: Love One Another as I have Loved You. (John 15:1-17) – Andy Miller & Jess Kraybill

Friday, March 28

Chapel Worship: Loving Self to Love Neighbor – Esther Nafziger ’12

Wednesday, March 26

Chapel Worship: Voices for Peace – C. Henry Smith Contestants

Wednesday, March 19

Chapel Worship with Rachel Held Evans

Friday, March 14

Chapel Forum: Spring Break Y-Trip Testimonies

Wednesday, March 12

Chapel Worship: Embracing Missional Shalom Community – Luke 15 – Dr. Randy Woodley

Friday, February 28

Chapel Forum: Faith Patrick (MEDA) – Martin Chapel

Wednesday, February 26

Chapel Worship: Dr.Vincent Harding, “Loved into Life,” a personal testimony

Friday, February 21

Chapel Forum: Desert Safaris for Reconciliation – Dr. Salim Munayer

Wednesday, February 19

Chapel Worship: The Prodigal Trilogy – Jason Hildebrand

Friday, February 14

Spiritual Life Week Chapel: Sharing Stories of Faith – Kelsey Zook, Ann Hershberger, Diego Barahona, Jered Lyons

Wednesday, February 12

Spiritual Life Week Chapel: Remember and Tell – Chaska Yoder, Stephanie Bush, Jonathan Estrada, Cathy Smeltzer Erb

Friday, February 7

Chapel Worship: Hymn Sing – Sam Swartzendruber & Katie L. Miller

Wednesday, February 5

Camp Day Chapel: Tyler Yoder, Taylor Laiewski, Jonathan Burkholder

Fri. Jan. 31

Chapel Forum: Persistent Peace Making – MCC with Ted & Co. Theaterworks

Wednesday, Jan. 29

Chapel Worship: Call to Prayer: Praying about the Listening Process – Jacob Landis, Maddie List, Grantley Showalter, Loren Swartzendruber

Friday, Jan. 24

Chapel Forum: What I Learned from Ministry Inquiry – Jacob Landes and Matt Naugle

Wednesday, Jan. 22

Chapel Worship: Women of the Bible – Chris Parks

Friday, Jan. 17

Chapel Forum: “Take the First Step in Faith”: A History of Inclusion at EMU – Mark Metzler Sawin

Wednesday, Jan. 15

Chapel Worship: Shaped Deeply by MLK, Jr. – Stan Maclin and Titus Bender

Friday, Jan. 10

Chapel Forum: 14 of your Favorite Things that Climate Change is Ruining -Erin Rheinheimer, Melinda Norris

Wednesday, Jan. 8

Opening Convocation: Turn Down the Heat – President Loren Swartzendruber

Fall 2013

Thursday, Dec. 12

Cross-cultural Chapel: Spain & Morocco

Wednesday, Dec. 11

Cross-cultural Chapel: China

Monday, Dec. 9

Christmas Chapel: We Wait

Friday, Dec. 6

Chapel Worship: Advent Hymn Sing – Matthew Hunsberger

Wednesday, Dec. 4

Student Recognition Chapel

Friday, Nov. 22

Chapel Forum: Suspicions of a Black Man – David Evans

Wednesday, Nov. 20

Departmental Chapels (various locations)

Friday, Nov. 15

Chapel Forum: The Ordinary Instant – Jessica Penner ’01

Wednesday, Nov. 13

Chapel Forum: Drones, a weapon of war capable of peace – Dr. Jay Parrish

Friday, Nov. 8

Chapel Worship: Jason Lewkowicz and the Cross-Country Team

Wednesday, Nov. 6

Chapel Forum: Take Back the Night – Awakening Hope

Friday, Nov. 1

Chapel Worship: Abide in the Lord – Jolee Paden

Wednesday, Oct. 30

Chapel Forum: Indigenous Worldview, Values and Christianity – Cheryl Bear

Friday, Oct. 25

Hymn Sing Chapel: Exploring Native American Songs – Ken J. Nafziger

Wednesday, Oct. 23

Chapel Forum: Promised Land and Planet with Promise – Holmes Rolston, III

Friday, Oct. 18

Chapel Forum: Exploring Call – Jordan Luther & Andrea De Avila Balboa

Wednesday, Oct. 16

Chapel Worship: Where is God? – Students Share Experiences

Friday, Oct. 11

Homecoming Chapel: Isabel Castillo ’07 shares from her story

Wednesday, Oct. 9

Chapel Worship: The Love of God through the Lens of Illness – Walt Surratt

Friday, Oct. 4

Spiritual Life Week Chapel: Abide in My Love – Ken Medema

Wednesday, Oct. 2

Spiritual Life Week Chapel: Abide in My Love – Ken Medema

Friday, Sept. 27

Chapel Worship: “Love One Another” Hymn Sing – Matthew Hunsberger

Wednesday, Sept. 25

Chapel Forum: The Orthodox Heretic – Peter Rollins

Friday, Sept. 20

Chapel Worship: Diversas Naciones, Mismas Tierras – Byron Pellecer ’13

Wednesday, Sept. 18

Chapel Worship: Ruah, Spirit, Breath, Wind – Carnival de Resistance

Friday, Sept. 13

Chapel Forum: Art, Faith, and Justice: what does Resistance have to do with Carnivals? – Carnival de Resistance

Wednesday, Sept. 11

Chapel Worship: Love One Another – Pastoral Assistants

Friday, September 6

Cross-cultural Chapel: Bolivia/Galapagos & Honduras

Wednesday, September 4

Cross-cultural Chapel: Local Context, Quebec & South Korea

Friday, August 30

Opening Chapel: Love One Another – Lana Miller & Brian Martin Burkholder, campus pastors

Wednesday, August 28

Opening Convocation: A Desire to Belong – President Loren Swartzendruber

Spring 2013

Wednesday, February 6

Camp Day chapel

Friday, February 1

Chapel worship: Black History Month – Rev. Royster (Bethel AME Church)

Wednesday, January 30

Chapel forum: Eradicating child-slavery, advocating for children’s rights – Jean-Robert Cadet

Friday, January 25

Chapel forum: Abundant Life – Steve Kriss

Wednesday, January 23

Chapel worship: Send in your favorites Hymn Sing – Joanne Gallardo & Karen Moshier-Shenk

Friday, January 18

Chapel forum: Undocumented and Unafraid: Personal Lessons from Community Organizing – Isabel Castill

Wednesday, January 16

Chapel worship: Joyful Living (finding abundant life) – Judy Mullet

Friday, January 11

Chapel forum: A Summer of Possibilities – Joel Nofziger and Rebekah Enns

Wednesday, January 9

Opening convocation: Love Them and Feed Them – President Loren Swartzendruber

Fall 2012

Wednesday, December 12

Cross-cultural chapel: New Zealand

Tuesday, December 11

Cross-cultural chapel: South Africa and Lesotho

Monday, December 10

Christmas chapel: Love takes the risk of birth

Friday, December 7

Chapel forum – Reverend Rich Cizik: The Faithful Environmentalist

Wednesday, December 5

Student recognition chapel

Friday, November 30

Living in a World without Strangers: the Practices of Radical Hospitality – Richard Beck

Wednesday, November 28

Singing Advent: NOT Black Friday, NOT Cyber Monday, just awaiting The Gift – Ken J Nafziger

Friday, November 16

Chapel forum – Friends: Building Peace Through Relationships – Washington Community Scholars’ Center

Wednesday, November 14

International Chapel: The Emerging Global Church – Pastor Chris Johnson ’10

Friday, November 9

Chapel forum – Becoming Unbound: A Martyr Legacy, Interchurch Dialogue and Undoing Racism

Wednesday, November 7

Chapel: academic departments

Friday, November 2

Spiritual Life Week – Ted Swartz ’89

Wednesday, October 31

Spiritual Life Week – Ted Swartz ’89

Friday, October 26

Chapel forum: What I learned this summer — about ministry, about myself.

Wednesday, October 24

Chapel worship: Exposed

Friday, October 19

Chapel forum: Christian Peacemaking in Kurdistan – Julia Schmidt

Wednesday, October 17

Chapel worship: Take Back the Night

Friday, October 12

Homecoming chapel: Crossing Cultures in the Middle East – Rami Kassis & Linford Stutzman

Wednesday, October 10

Chapel worship: Favorite Hymns Chapel – Joanne Gallardo

Friday, October 5

Chapel forum: Interfaith Peacebuilding in Africa – Bruce Campbell-Janz (MCC East Coast)

Wednesday, October 3

Chapel worship: Jesus’ Influence toward Peacebuilding – Dann and Joji Pantoja

Friday, September 28

Chapel forum: Gun Violence – Fear Not, Seek Peace (MCC East Coast)

Wednesday, September 26

Chapel worship: Increasing Faith.Hope.Love – Kirby Dean

Friday, September 21

Chapel forum: summer cross-cultural presentations

Wednesday, September 19

Chapel worship: Mi Casa es Su Casa – Pastor Juan C. Malvaez

Friday, September 14

Chapel forum: Unveiling Charity – Brian Martin Burkholder, Campus Pastor

Wednesday, September 12

Chapel worship: Faith.Hope.Love – Pastoral Assistants

Friday, September 7

Chapel forum: Love – Byron Peachey, Associate Campus Pastor

Wednesday, September 5

Chapel worship: Hope – Joanne Gallardo, Associate Campus

Friday, August 31

Opening chapel: Faith: Vision Impossible? – Carolyn Stauffer