Who may use the Fitness Center (including the Game Room and Open Gym)?

Anyone with an EMU student or EMU Fitness Center ID. The minimum age to use the Fitness Center is 14 years old. Students 14 or 15 years of age must be directly supervised by a parent, legal guardian, or coach.

A Fitness Center ID is also valid for access to scheduled open gym and the Game Room.


Guest passes can be purchased at the front desk. A 1-visit pass can be purchased for $5, or a 5-visit pass for $20.


  • We are a university fitness center; our policies and services center around our students. Holiday and semester break hours are determined by student worker availability and are subject to change. At times the Fitness Center and track may close due to building hours, home games, events, or athletic practices.
  • Each individual must present their own valid EMU or Fitness Center ID card to use the Fitness Center or purchase a guest pass.
  • Fitness Center may only be used during open hours when staff is present
  • Shirt and shoes must be worn at all times, no sandals or open toed shoes
  • Food or drink is not allowed, except plastic water bottles
  • Wipe down machines using spray bottle and towel when finished
  • Return all weights and equipment when finished
  • Do not drop weights. Control them through the entire repetition.
  • Only staff may change the TV station or adjust the volume on the TVs and music
  • Children under 14 cannot be admitted. A parent, legal guardian, or coach must accompany and supervise youths 14 or 15 years old.
  • Limit your time on machines to 20 minutes if others are waiting
  • Gym chalk is prohibited
  • Report all maintenance and equipment problems to the front desk
  • The Fitness Center ID entitles you to the Fitness Center, scheduled open gym, scheduled open climb on the climbing wall, and the game room
  • The staff reserves the right to deny access to any individual