What Do Young People Learn While Singing in a Choir?

When they become aware that their voice is heard above the other and they blend voices, they learn teamwork.

When they follow their music director’s hands through a series of meter and dynamic changes, they learn accuracy.

When they begin to appreciate, or “grow into” a piece of music, they learn patience.

When they refrain from talking and interrupting in rehearsal, they learn respect.

When they listen and concentrate during rehearsals, and when they practice faithfully at home, they learn self-discipline.

When they sing in different languages, they begin to see the world.

When they don’t get the solo they wanted and congratulate the person who did, they learn good sportsmanship and graciousness.

When they sing for the local Christmas tree lighting ceremony, they learn community involvement. When they go caroling at a nursing home they learn compassion.

When they choose a rehearsal or performance over a special event, they learn commitment.

When they bound out of their singing positions to give a “high five” because they finally sang their most difficult piece straight for the first time, they learn perseverance.

When they perform their first solo in from of an audience, they learn risk-taking and self-confidence.

When they work hard in concerts and recording sessions and then hear the new CD that was produced, they learn genuine pride and self-esteem.

Research shows time and again that student have only to gain from involvement in choral singing and the arts. A well-organized, sustained education in music gives children and youth intellectual and creative skills that last a lifetime.