Inventing Montana by Jeanne Murray Walker

Christian poet and playwright, Jeanne Murray Walker introduces us to Montana Winfield, Dickens scholar at the University of California, San Diego, who is so caught up in his academic career that the wife he adores has decided to leave him. When a young graduate student from Yale knocks on the door late that night with a discovered Dickens manuscript, she brings with it a secret about herself. Reading the manuscript changes Montana forever and brings the theatre audience a Dickensian experience that is as theatrical and fun as it is big-hearted.

Inventing Montana ran March 30-April 1and April 6-8 at 7:30 p.m. in the Mainstage Theater.

Director: Jimmy Bickerstaff
Stage Manager: Jess Dollenger
Adam Snosswell - Hannah Gehman
Madame Lovelock, Mrs. Bigbottom, Bailiff, and Musician - Marsha Lewis
Elaine Winfield, Lucy Graveborn, Damask Rigglesworth, and Musician - Pam Mandigo
Montana Winfield, Hosea Radlowe, Lord Songsby, and Highwayman - Colt Nutter
Margaret Sample/Rosella/Chicago, Lady in the Hat, and Singer - Elizabeth Risser
Charity Stryver and Opal Spoonly - Carey Yeager

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