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James McClure's Laundry and Bourbon

A lazy back-porch in rural Texas simmer to a hilarious boil in "Laungry and Bourbon" by James McClure. As the sun sets in small-town Snyder, Elizabeth searches in the distance for her missing husband, only to be joined by an unexpected and riotously funny duo of friends. The jokes fly as McClure deals each woman an unexpected chance to tease out the mysteries of her past, the hiccups of her romances, and the possibility of the coming day.

Laundry and Bourbon ran October 5-7 at 7:30 p.m. in Thomas Plaza.

Director: Matt Pearson
Stage Manager:
Pam Mandigo

Elizabeth Caulder - Erin Murray
Hattie Dealing - Erica Yoder
Amy Lee Fullernoy - Sarah Gant

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