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Antigone by Jean Anouilh

A modern take on the Sophocles original. Just as in the myth and original play, the action follows the battle for Thèbes in which both of Antigone’s brothers have been killed. Antigone chooses to attempt to bury Polynices, and is brought before Créon as a prisoner. The crux of the play is the lengthy dialogue between Créon and Antigone concerning the nature of power, fate, and choice. Antigone’s actions eventually leave the king with no choice but to execute her, as the incident becomes impossible to cover up.

Antigone ran March 23, 24, 29-31, 2012 in the MainStage Theater

Director: Dr. Thomas P. Joyner
Assistant Director: Jennifer Orantes
Stage Managers: Joo-Ah Lee and Lani Prunés
Sound Design: David Nussbaum


Creon -Shannon Dove
Antigone – Leah E. Ott
Page – Ariel Vogel
Eurydice – Holly Solomon
Chorus/Ismene – Coryn LaVeist
Chorus/1st Guard – Phil J. Yoder
Chorus/Haemon – Elisha Keener
Chorus/2nd Guard – Kayla Sasser
Chorus/3rd Guard – Erica Maholmes
Chorus/Nurse – Jenna Longenecker
Chorus/Messenger – Tulia MacDicken