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Arms and The Man by George Bernard Shaw

This is a comic masterpiece by one of the English language’s most brilliant playwrights. As a young lady awaits the return of her heroic fiancé from war, a disheveled soldier sneaks into her bedroom fleeing the fight. Finding his simplicity more alluring than her fiancé’s arrogant posturing, she’s faced with singling out the real man for her. Will it be the “accidental hero” who is more toy than soldier? Or the pragmatic “coward” who comes armed with chocolates instead of bullets? Crackling with wit, irony and charm, Shaw’s romantic comedy pokes fun at the dangers of bravado in battle – and idealistic notions of love!

Arms and The Man ran March 22- April 6, 2013 in the MainStage Theater

  • Director: Andrea Andresakis
  • Stage Manager: Dylan Bomgardner & Elisha Keener
  • Costume Design: Holly Labbe
  • Lighting Design: David B. Vogel
  • Sound Design: Kristoffer Broadley
  • Cast Photographs: Aly Zimmerman


  • Raina: Makayla Baker
  • Catherine Petkoff: Rebekah York
  • Louka: Hattie Berg
  • Captain Bluntschli: Eric King
  • Russian Officer: Andrew Mead
  • Nicola: Sean Solomon
  • Major Paul Petkoff: Issac Tice
  • Major Sergius Saranoff: Gabriel Brunk