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‘ART’ by Yasmina Reza

How much would you pay for a white painting? Would it matter who the painter was? Would it be art? Winner of the 1998 Tony Award for Best Play. Winner of the 1996 Olivier Award for Best Comedy. “…a nonstop cross-fire of crackling language, serious issues of life and art expressed in outbursts that sound like Don Rickles with a degree from the Sorbonne… Reza is a fiendishly clever writer…_’ART’_ sounds like a marriage of Molière and Woody Allen…” —Newsweek. “That such a simple plot can throw up such profound and meaty ideas about the rules that dictate art and friendship is a real treat. The real pleasures come from Reza’s creation of three beautifully defined, original characters…” —The Mail (London).

‘ART’ ran February 17, 18, 24, 25, 2012 in the Margaret Martin Gehman Art Gallery

Director: Julia J. King
Stage Manager: Jamie Lynn Hiner
Costume Design: Leah E. Ott
Props Design: Elizabeth Gannaway


Marc – Devin Hall
Serge – Gabriel Brunk
Yvan – Michael Bodner