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Fashion; or, Life in New York by Anna Cora Mowatt

Are you a person of fashion? Take a look at the shoes in your closet. Are they comfortable? Practical? Or are they the latest style? Fashion is an American farce written when this country was still young. It was a hit when it debuted in 1845 and it remains as broadly poignant today, a comical look the American pursuit of self-improvement; some sought it through honest hard work, some through clever cons, and others through artifice. But, Fashion is a farce and we laugh at this ridiculous and comically depraved side of humanity.

Fashion ran February 18-26, 2011 in the Lee E. Eshleman Studio Theater

Director – Brandon Habron
Scene Design – Leah E. Ott
Lighting Design – Andrew Kniss
Stage Managers – Deanna Moore and Monica Root


Zeke – Laura Glick
Millinette – Heidi Long
Mrs. Tiffany – Elizabeth Gannaway
Prudence – Julia J. King
Seraphina – Hannah Miller
Count Jolimaitre – Joel Rittenhouse
Adam Trueman – Sam Kauffman
Snobson – Christian Parks
Mr. Tiffany – Joseph Arbaugh
Colonel Howard – Michael Bodner
Gertrude – Hannah Wenger