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J.B. by Archibald MacLeish

Theater at EMU takes a stunning and modern look at the Book of Job. “It is one of the memorable works of the century as verse, as drama and as spiritual inquiry…We are deep in the unanswered problems of man’s relationship to God in an era of cruel injustices. J.B. is Mr. MacLeish’s counterpart of the immortal Job. The glory of the play is that, as in the Book of Job, J.B. does not curse God. When he is reunited with his wife, two humbled but valiant people accept the universe, agree to begin life all over again, expecting no justice but unswerving in their devotion to God… In every respect, it is theatre on its highest level.”-The New York Times. 

J.B. ran December 2, 3, 7, 9, 10, 2011 in the Lee E. Eshleman Studio Theater

Director: Alisha Huber
Stage Manager: Dylan A. Bomgardner
Assistant Stage Manager: Jennifer Orantes
Costume Designer: Morgan Porter
Lighting Designer: David Nussbaum
Sound Designer: D. Colt Duttweiler
Cast Photographs: Justin Roth


Nickles – Elisha Keener
Mr. Zuss – Erica Wagner
J.B. – Joel Rittenhouse
Sarah – Amanda Chandler
Distant Voice – Augusta M. Nafziger
Ensemble – 
Hattie Berg
Elizabeth Gannaway
Brandon Habron
Jamie Hiner
Joo-Ah Lee
Tulia MacDicken