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No Roosters in the Desert by Kara Hartzler ‘94

A riveting play – based on actual interviews by Anna Ochoa O’Leary – four women trek the Sonoran desert towards the American dream. On their way they push the limits of their physical and emotional endurance, as they establish profound yet fragile connections with each other through the magical storytelling of the youngest of them, an indigenous woman from Chiapas.

No Roosters in the Desert ran Oct 12-14, 25-17, 2012 in the MainStage Theater

  • Director: Heidi Winters Vogel
  • Choreography: Holly Labbe
  • Scene Design: Phillip Grayson
  • Costume Design: Holly Labbe
  • Stage Mangers: Cody Walker, Rachelle Kratz, Joo-Ah Lee
  • Light Design: David B. Vogel


  • Marcela- Rose Jantzi
  • Guadalupe- Amanda C. Chandler
  • Alejandra- Makayla Baker
  • Luisa- Morgan E. Porter
  • Movement Chorus- Chris Parks
  • Movement Chorus- Joo-Ah Lee
  • Movement Chorus- Meggan E. Garcia Sheridan