Minor in Journalism

The minor in journalism consists of 18 SH.

COMM 231 Pop Culture and Mass Communication (3)
COMM 241 News and Feature Writing (3)
COMM 342 Campus Communications: WeatherVane (3)
COMM 391 Communication Internship (3)
*DIGM 453 Documentary Production (3)
POL 101 Introduction to Politics (3)

Add-on Teaching Endorsement in Journalism

An add-on teaching endorsement may
be added to an existing teaching license
if the candidate has a baccalaureate degree,
an endorsement in any teaching area and
15 semester hours in journalism. Students
choose 15 semester hours from the following
list of courses: COMM 231, COMM 241,
COMM 342, DIGM 453, PHOTO 112, POL 101.