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  • Capital Area Food Bank is the largest food bank in the DC metro area, serving 37.5 million meals and nearly 500,000 people struggling with hunger annually. A communication intern is needed to help plan events and design marketing materials.
  • Feature Story News – Interns can expect to be involved in many aspects of this independent broadcast news agency, including going out on video shoots, setting up the studio for recording, and editing material. Past interns have been invited to research and write stories and even record them for radio, which were aired and compiled for the student’s portfolio.
  • Al Jazeera – You can expect to hit the ground running at this fast-paced independent news broadcaster, which gained world recognition after the Sept. 11 attacks, when it was the only channel to cover the war in Afghanistan live from its office there, and subsequently was destroyed by a U.S. missile during the U.S. invasion. Its office in Baghdad was also destroyed by a U.S. missile in 2003. Al Jazeera, which operates online news and 24-hour TV news coverage in multiple languages in several world regions, is acclaimed for its in-depth coverage of the Arab Spring of revolutions. At this internship, you may have the opportunity to conduct research, come up with angles, ideas, and new people to interview, conduct pre-interviews, perform data entry, and relate to guests in the studio.
  • Interfaith Voices – Join “the nation’s leading religion news magazine on public radio” by working at this award-winning radio show. Born out of a multifaith panel assembled for a call-in show following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, this organization brings together spokespeople from many faiths to reflect on current events. You will have the opportunity to offer story ideas, research current events related to religion, contact guests for the show, schedule interviews, and conduct pre-interviews.
  • Inter-American Foundation – Interns will produce videos for the Inter-American Foundation about their work on microfinance projects in Latin America. This will likely involve a 2-3 week overseas filming trip.


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