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Peacebuilding and Development

Featured Internships

  • Little Friends for Peace gives inner-city children an oasis from their violent surroundings, including peace education and group activities. Interns work directly with children.
  • Next Step Public Charter School seeks interns to work with restorative justice in an educational setting (e.g., dialogue circles, document and check in with students regarding attendance and behavior, etc.).
  • Action Aid International focuses on topics such as food rights, women’s rights, governance, education, emergencies and conflict, HIV and AIDS, and youth. This internship allows you to work with a former WCSC associate director.
  • The Community Peacebuilding Team of the Latin American Youth Center engages high-risk and gang-involved youth in violence intervention and prevention and is seeking volunteer university students or recent graduates to assist with: community focus group facilitation, restorative justice research and facilitation, summer youth development and violence intervention, and youth violence program evaluation.
  • Center for Teaching Peace – Helping peace leader Colman McCarthy teach two peace classes at an inner city high school, and attending his college courses for free at Georgetown U, American U, and/or University of Maryland
  • DC Jobs with Justice trains and involves interns in community organizing, through their work with labor unions and oppressed workers, especially immigrant day laborers. Interns have helped with trainings in community organizing for members of the community, have helped educate day laborers on their rights, and have helped to organize volunteers to teach English and workers’ rights to day laborers at the Home Depot parking lot.
  • Legacies of War is offering an Advocacy Internship in which a motivated student with strong diplomatic skills and an interest in peace and public policy could get hands-on experience in advocacy and public relations at an organization that has already taken great strides in moving the U.S. to clean up cluster bombs and offer financial assistance in rebuilding.
  • Torture Abolition and Survivor Support Coalition is a very small organization that works to end torture around the world and empower survivors in the DC metro area. WCSC interns would likely work alongside MSW students from DC universities to connect survivors of torture to different services in the area, including legal, psychological and medical services. Responsibilities could include any combination of the following, based on student interest: meeting one-on-one with survivors for counseling; case management, including providing referrals to lawyers, psychologists and doctors for asylum cases and treatment; helping to organize activities to help survivors in the healing process; organizing venues for survivors to share their stories; being a bridge/connector between TASSC and EMU; administrative activities such as data-entry and thanking donors; working with the director on grant writing; or working with the advocacy coordinator on advocacy projects.

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