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2017-18 Seminary Programs

Seminary Tuition Charges  
Tuition per credit hour $485
Lancaster Seminary per credit hour $437
Audit-participation (per hour) $245
Audit-non-participation (per hour) $90
Activity fee: 1-8 credit hours (charge per credit hour) $3
Activity fee: 9+ credit hours (charge per semester) $30
General Services Fee  
1-8 credit hours (charge per credit hour, non-refundable) $12
9+ credit hours (charge per semester, non-refundable) $100
Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)  
CPE Tuition (per hour) $485
CPE Recording Fee (per hour) $485
CPE Non-credit Fee (per unit) $2,910
Other charges  
Student health insurance (full-time students only) $3,194
Credit for Study (per hour) $90
Lancaster Seminary Technology fee $50
Graduation fee (one-year certificate) $25
Graduation fee (seminary degrees) $75

Published charge rates may be adjusted for changes in economic conditions and cost factors. This list continues on the General Charges and Payment Information page.