Applying to the Women’s Peacebuilding Leadership Program (WPLP)

Thank you for your interest in applying to WPLP. We are not currently accepting applications. Please check back in November 2016.

Who should apply to WPLP?

WPLP is designed to meet the needs of women who hold positions of leadership in conflict-affected communities. Those admitted to this program will study for a graduate certificate in peacebuilding leadership from EMU.

Courses in this program will teach peacebuilding and leadership theory alongside practical skills. Strong emphasis will be placed on content related to peacebuilding approaches to violent extremism. The program includes a strong mentoring component to assist students in enhancing their peacebuilding efforts within Kenya. The program is targeting women peacebuilding practitioners who are recognized in their community as possessing leadership potential and whose work is related to transforming community conflicts.

What are the requirements for admission?

Interested candidates must possess the following qualifications:

  • Must be from a conflict-affected community.
  • A 4-year undergraduate degree, preferably in the social sciences. Candidates who do not meet these criteria but have undergraduate work of at least two years and have extensive peacebuilding experience may be considered.
  • Applicants must have an undergraduate GPA of at least 2.75 (based on a four-point scale).
  • Proficient written and spoken English language skills.
  • At least two years of experience in peacebuilding or related work: conciliation, mediation, trauma healing, advocacy, restorative justice, community development, or relief work.
  • Demonstrated leadership or leadership potential.
  • Recommendations and support from a local organization and other peacebuilding actors.

What documents do I need in order to apply?

  • Three letters of recommendation:
    1. a professional recommendation attesting to your peacebuilding or related work;
    2. an academic recommendation attesting to your academic qualifications and writing skills;
    3. a recommendation from your employing organization, stating their support for you to participate fully in WPLP
  • Official university transcripts. Please note that you must submit transcripts for each year of secondary study (not just your final transcripts) and from all advanced degrees received
  • A current resume or CV
  • A copy of your passport
  • A four-page double-spaced essay responding to the following questions:
    1. What are the current conflicts in your country? How do these affect people’s everyday lives?
    2. What have been your life experiences related to the conflicts in your country?
    3. What are you doing now, and how do you see that connecting to these conflicts?
    4. What kind of peacebuilding leadership do you think is needed to address these conflicts? Who inspires you to develop as a peacebuilding leader?
    5. In some cases, participants from different sides of a conflict will be included in this program at the same time. How will you work and study with people from the “other side”?

What are the time commitments necessary to participate?

The program will include three courses in the US in May and June, one in-country course the following January, and two courses in country the following June. Both academic and practical peacebuilding work are required in the time between the courses. An online course will occur from February – November, during which time participants will also implement an intervention plan. The coursework will be completed in December the year after participants begin the program, at which time participants graduate.

Students accepted into this program must be available for five weeks during May and June, for one week the following January, for two weeks the following June, and for three days in December. Participants must also be able to commit time to intensive coursework from July – December and intensive intervention implementation from the following February – November.

Why participate in WPLP?

The Women’s Peacebuilding Leadership Program (WPLP) is a program of EMU’s Center for Justice and Peacebuilding (CJP). CJP equips and sustains individuals, groups and communities to work for justice and peace through education, training, practice, and research in order to creatively work for long-term sustained, structural change, whether in an organization, community, or on a large-scale level. Through WPLP, participants will become more effective peacebuilding leaders and carry out positive change processes in their organizations, communities, and/or countries.

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