Spain & Morocco: Fall 2013

Program Description

“Where there is much light, there is much shade.”

Spain and Morocco are countries of much light—and much shadow. Come explore with us the historical and current struggle between democracy and dictatorship, empire and colony, the negation and the affirmation of “the Other,” as well as the incredible history of conviviencia (getting along/ working together) between the three Abrahamic faiths—Christianity, Islam and Judaism—vs. intolerance and Inquisition. These lands of many contrasts will teach us much about the human situation on earth, historically and today, the struggles that pull us apart and those that strengthen and build hope, love, justice and peace.

This cross-cultural program explores the areas of Spain and Morocco that were once the heart of the Moorish (Arabic) empire, highlighting the shared history of the two regions and the blending of their peoples, art and architecture.

We begin the cross-cultural in Spain, studying at the University of Granada in the southern province of Andalucia and living with Spanish families. There will be cultural excursions to many places of interest, including the Alhambra, the Mezquita of Cordoba, Sevilla, the Mediterranean, etc. We will then cross the Strait of Gibraltar into Morocco by ferry, and begin our studies of the Arabic language and continue our studies of Islam and Moroccan history and culture. We will live with families in Morocco, explore villages in the Rif Mountains and the medina of the ancient city of Fez, and ride camels in the Sahara desert!


Estimated Cost: on campus tuition, room and board plus $2,000 travel fee (cost may be adjusted due to changes in currency exchange rates and air fares)
Semester Leader: Carol Snell-Feikema, Language & Literature, and Michael Snell-Feikema
Enrollment: 20 students
Course Credits: 15 semester hours

Course Descriptions

CCSSC 201 Cross-cultural Social Science 3SH
This course seeks to develop an appreciation of cultural, socio-economic, and religious differences and its various expressions and to explore Christian/Anabaptist perspectives of cross-cultural learning and their implications for peace building in the 21st century.

CCCHS Issues in Spanish and Moroccan Civilization and Culture 3SH
In this course students will explore Spanish and Moroccan history from a multi-dimensional perspective—political, economic, cultural, artistic, literary and spiritual—that will empower students to think critically and creatively about contemporary Spanish, Moroccan, and U.S. realities and relations.

CCREL Studies in Religion & Philosophy in Spain and Morocco 3 SH (CIW)
In this course, students will study the precepts of the three Abrahamic faiths (Christianity, Islam and Judaism) in their historical and contemporary interactions. This will include a study of the unique centuries-long history of conviviencia (getting along/working together) and intolerance and Inquisition in Spain. This interaction was both conflictive and collaborative, and had enormous consequences for the history of Europe and the world.

CCLNG 110 Arabic Language 3SH
Students will study the Arabic language and explore the rich cultural traditions that shape Arab-Islamic life and culture in Morocco —Arabic, Berber, Jewish, and European, combining classroom sessions, field trips and excursions.

CCSPA X10 Spanish Language 3 SH
Students will study Spanish language at the University of Granada and live with Spanish host families. The course includes excursions to many other sites of interest. Course level will be determined on the basis of a placement test.

Required Immunizations

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Immunizations may also be obtained from your local health department or primary care provider.