Peacebuilding & Conflict Transformation Graduate Certificate

The Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation in Educational Settings graduate certificate is designed for persons working in educational settings. This course of study furthers professional development of educators seeking a focused area of coursework in conflict transformation, restorative discipline, affirming diversity and peacebuilding. This certificate strengthens the peacebuilding efforts of the institutions they serve.

Required courses

Candidates must complete 15 credit hours from the following courses. (EDCC 521 is required.)

  • EDCC 521 Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution (3)
  • EDCC 501 Creating Cultures of Change (3)
  • EDCI 511 Teaming and Collaboration (3)
  • EDLA 601 Multicultural Children’s Literature (3)
  • EDDA 511 Teaching Diverse Learners (3)
  • EDDA 631 Research in Risk and Resiliency (3)
  • EDI 611 The Bullying Phenomenon in Schools (1 or 3)
  • EDI 621 Restorative Discipline (1 or 3)
  • EDID 531 Understanding and Affirming Diversity in the Classroom (1 or 3)
  • EDI 501 Circle Processes in School Settings (1)
  • EDID Elective (As approved by director or assistant director of MA in Ed program)

Additional info

Master of Arts candidates may complete the above requirements as part of their program or non-degree teachers may complete the courses for the graduate certificate.

Review the gainful employment disclosure for the graduate certificate in peacebuilding and conflict transformation in educational settings.

The certificate is awarded through EMU’s Master of Arts in Education Program at Lancaster, as an internal recognition for having obtained a focused area of coursework in conflict transformation and education.

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