Meet the Seminary Admissions Team

EMS admissions team

pictured from left to right

Beverly Delp- Beverly welcomes new students and visitors at the front window in the lobby. She also organizes campus visits and orientation, sends out information to new students before the start of the year and works to keep information flowing from application to registration.

Anita Fonseca Becar- Anita is our graduate assistant. She answers email inquiries and other questions from prospective students. As a native Chilean, she is also adept at helping international students navigate the I-20 system and she helps when the admissions office needs material translated into Spanish. She also provides photography for seminary marketing materials.

Laura Lehman Amstutz- Laura is the director of admissions. She meets with prospective students, works with applications, helps students understand the financial implications of seminary, works with Beverly to set up campus visits and any number of other administrative duties related to admissions.

Beth Bergman- Beth is the registrar. Along with a student’s advisor, she helps new students register for classes and figure out schedules. She is also responsible for the seminary’s Facebook page.

Les Horning- Les travels to conferences, graduate fairs and conventions on behalf of the seminary. He meets with prospective students on the road and in the office. He is also responsible for growing the seminary endowment which provides scholarships for seminary students.

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