Class Gift

Since the founding of EMU in 1917, each graduating class has presented their alma mater with a class gift to benefit the school.

The tradition has carried on, from the desks bestowed upon professors by the class of 1921 to the automated external defibrillator [AED] in the fitness center given by the class of 2004 to assist in saving lives of persons going into cardiac arrest, to the class 2005’s bollard lights on the west end of Northlawn . The class of 2006 purchased at least six stone benches to be placed at the fountain and around campus, a first step toward forming an official entry way to EMU. Class of 2007 gifted the university with the stairway at the south-east end of Hillside suites heading toward the university commons.

The class of 2005 managed to raise a whopping $5,000, a record high as compared to recent years. Class of 2006 came pretty close raising an impressive $4,300 while the class of 2007 came pretty darn close raising $4,270! Will the class of 2012 set a new record?

Other gifts include:

  • The Fountain [Class of 1927]
  • sidewalks [Classes of 1931, 1932, etc]
  • Park cabin [Classes of 1946 and 1950]
  • Vesper Heights Observatory [Class of 1938]
  • Stained glass piece – a commemoration of the Campus wide blanket blitz -the campus community’s reaction to the 9/11 tragedy [Class of 2002]
  • and a cross-cultural “themed” mural designed by senior art majors [Class of 2003].
The Vesper Heights Observatory was gifted by the class of 1938.

The presentation of a gift is not only an act of appreciation on behalf of the seniors but a symbol of the legacy left behind by each person in the graduating class.

As the year goes by, you will be contacted by your senior class officers and advisors for ideas on what to give as a class.

Keep in mind that not all great gifts are expensive and not all simple gifts are cheap; but all gifts are priceless! The class gift is a great way to leave your mark.