Midsummer Night’s Dream ReDreamed by Pam Mandigo ’08 and CrashHouse Collaborative Theater Project 2012

Playwright and EMU alum Pam Mandigo, along with the Crash House Collective, will present an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” as never imagined before!

  • Grace King, Gabriel Brunk, Amanda Chandler, Izzy Howard, Molly Boese, Matt Lind, Hannah Richter, Nils Martin, Ingrid Martin
  • Nils Martin, Hannah Richter
  • Molly Boese, Matt Lind, Amanda Chandler
  • Ingrid Martin, Izzy Howard
  • Hannah Richter, Gabriel Brunk, Grace King
  • Grace King, Gabriel Brunk, Matt Lind, Izzy Howard, Amanda Chandler
  • Gabriel Brunk, Izzy Howard, Amanda Chandler, Grace King
  • Molly Boese, Matt Lind
  • Hannah Richter, Nils Martin, Ingrid Martin, Molly Boese, Matt Lind
  • Molly Boese

Midsummer Night’s Dream ReDreamed ran August 29- September 1, 2012 on Thomas Plaza

Director: Pam Mandigo
Assistant Director: Cody Walker
Costume Design: Mary Zook


  • Oberon – Nils Martin
  • Titania – Ingrid Martin
  • Quince – Amanda Chandler
  • Bottom – Izzy Howard
  • Lysander – Matt Lind
  • Helena – Grace King
  • Demetrius – Gabriel Brunk
  • Hermia – Molly Boese
  • Puck – Hannah Richter