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Featured Internships

  • Chelsea School – Interns working at this private special education school for learning disabled teenagers have worked directly with students in the classroom as teaching assistants. This is a great opportunity for spring, fall, or summer, but Education majors with a full schedule may wish to come in the summer to help with their remedial literacy summer program.
  • Wheatley Education Campus has a brand new facility and is a great fit for any education or special education major. Wheatley has social workers and a psychologist on staff.
  • Christian Family Montessori School – Gain experience in the Montessori method as an assistant in the classroom or sensory integration room (designed by an occupational therapist).
  • Education Strengthens Families (ESF) Public Charter School – Teach pre-schoolers or early elementary students in a variety of subject areas, or assist in the adult class of English Language Learners. Past interns have had the chance to work with experienced teachers, not only in the classroom, but also in creating new lesson plans.
  • Academy of Hope – Assist in a classroom of adult learners in a variety of subject areas.
  • Little Friends for Peace – Work directly with inner-city children in the “Peace Room”, an oasis from their violent surroundings. Interns work directly with children, including peace education and group activities.

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