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Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Featured Internships:

  • The Family Place teaches a well-organized and well-attended class of female adults, who almost exclusively speak Spanish as a first language. A TESOL internship here would be an especially good match for Spanish speakers, as that would enable you to help with home visits and assessments.
  • Family Literacy Program Work alongside seasoned professional English teachers at this program hosted by Mary’s Center. While adult English language learners are in classes, their children are cared for in the same building. The adult classroom would make a great TESOL practicum placement.
  • DC Jobs with Justice This organization reaches out to day laborers by organizing volunteers to teach them English as they wait to be picked up for jobs in the Home Depot parking lot! The classes are dynamic and interactive, since students come and go, literally, by the minute. This environment will help a teacher to flesh out an array of activities that do not rely on homework, writing, or textbooks.

Complete Listing of ESL programs in DC