Summer 2013

10 Credits:

# title credits Core requirements satisfied time instructor
WCSC 385 Internship 6 6 SH of Cross-Cultural arrange with supervisor supervisor
CCSSC 385 Urban Anthropology 3 Writing Intensive and 3 SH of Cross-Cultural Tues 1-5pm Dr. Earl Zimmerman
WCSC 285 Internship Theory and Practice 1 Community Learning Tues 1-5pm Dr. Earl Zimmerman

Course Descriptions:

WCSC 385: Internship
WCSC staff will help you to find an internship in your field of study or interest. Summer interns work a minimum average of 30 hours per week.

CCSSC 385: Urban Anthropology
Students use the tools of participant observation to understand how different populations of urban regions form a social whole and how the lives and living conditions of all people are interconnected. This course focuses not only on the rather segregated “black” and “white” communities in D.C., but also on the culture and social contributions of the communities of recent immigrants from Latin America. The course examines the causes and effects of the social construction of race and ethnicity in our society. Discussion will cover the ways in which our understanding of categories such as “white,” “black” and “Latino” have the effect of both masking and defining the class stratification which occurs as part of our economic system.

WCSC 285: Internship Theory and Practice
Through readings, analytical reflection, journals, and guest speakers, students will explore multiple dimensions of service internships in Washington, D.C.