SPI Scholarships and Fellowships

Please note: Before requesting an application for either the SPI scholarship or the Winston Fellowship, you must have a fully completed SPI application on file with the SPI office. Complete the SPI application, if you have not yet done so.

Matching Scholarships

SPI has a small scholarship fund available to help promising applicants attend an additional session of SPI. These scholarships require the participant to fully fund their transportation and all expenses for at least one session of SPI. The scholarship will then cover the cost of lodging and training for an additional session. The participant is responsible for all other expenses during the scholarship session.
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Additional Dedicated Scholarships

SPI receives some donations with defined parameters to bring individuals from specific areas of the world or engaged in specific types of work. These donations enable SPI to give a few participants more than our normal matching scholarship. For more information, click on the dedicated scholarship:
Alper Family Scholarship: all fees for one session or $2,000 for two or more sessions for African participant
CJP Alumni Scholarship: all training and materials fees for one session as well as weekday noon meal when class is in session for three CJP alumni who graduated two or more years ago.
Stolzfus Scholarship: training fees and lodging for two sessions for international participant working to bridge global barriers of language and culture
SPI Faculty Scholarship: all expenses including transport for two sessions for African participant
US-Based Participant Scholarship: $500 towards overall expenses

Winston Fellowship

The Winston Fellowship will be awarded to one international or indigenous participant for SPI 2015. This Fellowship is intended for an organization that seeks training for someone new to peacebuilding.
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