Internships and Careers

Students in EMU’s Language and Literature program learn to be thoughtful practitioners with real-world experience through challenging practica, internships, community learning, and student teaching.

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  • Launch a blog

    Ben, a Writing Studies major, helped to launch the Mennonite Community Cookbook blog, which populates and feeds Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. He also wrote news releases, assisted in relaunching the Third Way website, and checked through several indexes for books in process, working with the editor.

  • Market EMU

    Justine, a Writing Studies major, interned in EMU's Marketing office. She wrote nine articles, including some event previews, event coverage, several profile features and a historical feature. She liaised with subjects for courtesy photos to use with an article and did a photo shoot of her own.

  • Teach a language in another country

    Anna Engle

    In 2011, Anna graduated from EMU with a minor in TESOL and a teaching endorsement in ESL PreK-12 and History & Social Science 6-12. After graduating, she taught English at a public high school in Sapporo, Japan, for two years. While in Japan, she fell in love with Asia and developed a strong interest in Korea. This led her to teaching at Connexus, a private after-school English academy for young children. Connexus has connections to the Korean Anabaptist Center, and the foreign teachers live in Christian community together with Korean staff. Starting in September 2014, she studied Korean full-time at Sogang University in Seoul and lived with a host family. After she finishes she will likely teach English again and may pursue bilingual education.

  • Write a book

    Tamara ShoemakerIn regards to her writing, English major Tamara says, "Four years ago, I signed my first publishing contract for my first novel 'Broken Crowns'. Ten books have followed with more in the works. I've made fabulous friendships with writers all over the globe, have been published in anthologies and magazines, and have started a freelance editing business while I've been at it."

  • Teach in a local school

    Camilla Pandolfi

    Camila used to teach as Waterman Elementary School's resource teacher for its Foreign Language in Elementary Schools program. Learn more about Camila in this article .

  • Pursue an advanced degree

    Donovan Tann

    Donovan, Ph.D. in English Literature from Temple University, now teaches at Hesston College (KS). He writes: "The literature courses that I took at EMU provided much of the groundwork that I needed for my graduate education, and the relationships that I had with my professors played an important role in my decision to continue my education after graduating. Studying Spanish as an undergraduate also gave me a significant head start on the foreign language reading/translation exams that were required for my degree. My time at EMU gave me the opportunity to watch many excellent educators in action, and I continue to consciously model my teaching practices after the kind of instruction that I received as an undergraduate."

  • Work internationally


    Krista, a Spanish minor, traveled to Colombia, South America over the summer of 2013 to investigate responses to violence as part of an internship.

  • Serve as a MennoMedia editorial intern


    Kendra, an English major with a Writing Studies minor, served as an editorial intern at MennoMedia. She was able to take part in a variety of projects that gave her a more complete understanding of the responsibilities of an editor.

  • Intern at the United Way


    Hannah, a Writing Studies major, gained hands-on experience working with the local community through an internship with the United Way of Harrisonburg, VA. She says, "It's taken all the skills I've accumulated in the classroom and given me an opportunity to use them in a work place environment. I was able to try out new writing styles and have someone much more experienced than I am mentor me through out my time there. Not only has it given me the experience I needed to prepare me for a writing career after graduation, but the confidence as well."

About Language and Literature Internships

The Professional Internship Program is a cooperative endeavor among upper-level students, the community and the language and literature department. An internship provides an opportunity for students to explore career options and to extend their classroom experiences and learning with both job-related and academic responsibilities. Department approval is needed one semester in advance. May be taken for 1-3 SH.

Majors in English, English education and writing studies prepare students to enter a variety of fields where keen self-perception and skillful use of language are valuable. These fields include education, journalism, publishing, film production, creative writing, law, medicine, psychiatry, business, library science, Christian missions, and church and school administration.

Majors in Spanish and Spanish education provide a broad liberal arts background that can be used as a basis for a variety of graduate programs as well as professional programs. Graduates are also prepared to work with various agencies in the U.S. and Spanish-speaking countries.

Careers in language and literature include teaching in public and Christian schools; teaching English to speakers of other languages; editing; translating; free-lance writing; news reporting; broadcasting; advertising; and advocating positive public relations for non-profit associations, businesses, universities, hospitals, and other organizations.

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