Institutional Research


Charles Cooley
Assistant Director

Charles Cooley began teaching at EMU in 1999. He received his bachelor’s degree from Roanoke College where he majored in mathematics, computer science and statistics. After two years studying Software Engineering (specifically object-oriented programming language code reusablity metrics) in the CS graduate program at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Charles took a supposedly part-time, one-year teaching position at Concord College in Athens, West Virginia. After a few years of full-time teaching, Charles moved to Harrisonburg and completed a master’s degree in computer science at James Madison University. Before returning to teaching, Charles worked as a Network Analyst and System Engineer. In 2007 with the merger of the CIS and CS programs, Charles began working in the EMU Institutional Research and Effectiveness Office half-time, but resumed full-time teaching to implement the new CS curriculum in 2008. In 2015, Charles is once again splitting his time between teaching computer science and serving as the assistant director of institutional research.


Research Analyst

Joelle graduated from EMU in 2006 with dual degrees in International Agriculture and Applied Sociology. She then completed two graduate programs at EMU, receiving a MA in Conflict Transformation in 2010 and a Graduate Certificate in Biomedical Science in 2014.

Joelle splits her time at EMU as staff and adjunct faculty with the Center for Justice and Peacbuilding (since August 2014) and Institutional Research & Effectiveness (since January 2015).

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