MA in Education, Lancaster


Don Steiner
Director, MA in Education

Having chaired the education department since coming to EMU in 1982, he now serves as director of the Master of Arts in Education program. He is known in education circles throughout the state and beyond and has served two terms on the Unit Accreditation Board of the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). He initiated EMU’s M.A. in education, building on a strong undergraduate program. He also started an M.A. program at EMU’s campus in Lancaster, Pa. In addition to his administrative duties, he currently serves as professor of the Jesse T. Byler endowed chair. Dr. Steiner has a special interest in literacy education, foundations of education, Anabaptist-Mennonite education, and educational leadership.


Adjunct Faculty


Kristin Oberholtzer
Administrative Asst, MA in Ed

Kristin assists part-time with the daily operations of the Master of Arts in Education program in Lancaster, Pa. When not wrangling data or pleading with the office equipment (or vice versa), Kristin teaches ESL at a local community college. In both contexts, she finds pleasure in helping students progress toward their goals. Her professional interests include second language composition and corpus linguistics. Kristin lives in the city of Lancaster with her husband, Trace, with whom she occasionally rides tandem bicycle. They have two dogs.

Pamela Rutt
Assistant Director, MA in Ed

Pam gives oversight to the Master of Arts in Education program in Lancaster, PA under the direction of the MA in Ed program director. Pam and her husband, Roger Rutt are both EMU alumni. They have 3 adult children. Pam serves on the board of Anabaptist Deaf Ministries and on the Education Committee of Lancaster Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services.

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