Todd Lilley


Main Campus, Harrisonburg

Office Location: n/a

Adjunct Faculty

Harrisonburg MOD

“I am a 1995 graduate of the first ADCP co-hort, which is why the program means so much to me. The ADCP refocused and in some cases, kickstarted, my personal goals and career in a way I never imagined it heading. I owe a lot to the ADCP program, so I teach to try and help the next adult learner along.”

Todd Lilley serves as an adjunct instructor in the ADCP MOD and LOM programs. Lilley has previously instructed classes including – Human Resources Administration, Issues and Values and Principles of Management & Leadership. Lilley currently instructs the Biblical Perspectives, Business Ethics, Leadership Theory and Leadership Practice classes of the LOM program.

In addition to a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Organizational Development, Lilley earned a MA in Religion & Leadership from Liberty University and Theological Seminary. Lilley has completed several certificate programs in leadership, fundraising and theology/religion.

In addition to serving as an adjunct instructor, Lilley has enjoyed a career first in sales, then in fundraising with both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. His experience has led to a career in leadership that includes several executive positions. His focus remains in the senior living industry and he currently leads the Foundation at Westminster-Canterbury in Winchester, Va. Lilley is an ordanied minister and served over nine years in the role of senior pastor. He currently offers pulpit supply at several churches in the area.

Previously, Lilley worked in the EMU Development office as a fundraiser, served on EMU’s Alumni Council and was part of the faculty team that assisted in redesigning the ADCP MOD program curriculum to the new LOM program.