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Business and Economics

Business and Economics

At EMU we prepare you to be successful, to promote the common good and to be an active leader in today’s marketplace. Our professors will help you increase your business knowledge, learn important hands-on skills, and develop a values-based approach to business and management.

Our graduates understand the value of people in business, and know how important meeting economic need is to the state of the world and the peacebuilding process. We’re committed to excellence, ethics and social justice, and we encourage study across disciplines, a focus on sustainability, and the development of a global perspective. At EMU you’ll:

  • study in a cross-cultural setting
  • consider sustainability and stewardship in decision-making
  • collaborate on original research with faculty with industry experience
  • put your classroom learning to use in off campus internships
  • learn to work effectively in teams and hone communication and financial skills
  • learn from professors who’ve lived and worked internationally

98% of job-seeking students were employed within a year of graduation. EMU business alumni consistently rank high on nationally standardized business exams, with many pursuing graduate degrees in their majors.

A new study suggests that business administration is one of the five most employable majors. Read the article here.

Longacre Business and Economics Lecture Series

Dr. Douglas H. Wrenn, Assistant Professor of Environmental and Resource Economics at Penn State, will be on campus October 5. He is a 2002 EMU Business Administration and Economics double major. Dr. Wrenn will give a presentation in the West Dining Room 12:10-1:00. The title of his presentation is “Learning by Viewing? Social Learning, Regulatory Disclosure, and Firm Productivity in Shale Gas”. Everyone is invited to attend this presentation sponsored by the Longacre Family endowment. Attendees may either purchase lunch in the cafeteria or bring their own lunch.


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