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Average package

Parent Income Average Award Award Range
0-35,000 31,132 15,500-36,010
35,001-58,000 29,519 20,980-40,510
58,001-74,000 28,167 14,100-36,076
74,001-90,000 25,975 16,044-35,123
90,001-115,000 23,610 12,412-33,399
115,000+ 18,901 9,100-31,660

*Updated August 2014


Financial Aid at EMU

We know cost is a huge consideration during your college search. You’ll be surprised how affordable an EMU education really is.

  • Nearly 100% of undergraduate students receive financial aid.
  • An average assistance package is around $25,100.
  • Over $11 million in aid was awarded by EMU in 2013-14.

Parents of current EMUers say the cost of an EMU education is comparable in the end to that at large public colleges. And 1:1 financial counseling from caring staff results in decisions you are comfortable with, that are right for you and your family.

Did you know…

  • Virginia residents automatically get $3,100 grants each year!
  • EMU matches church donations toward tuition.
  • If your parents are alumni or employed here you get a grant!

EMU’s FAFSA code is 003708. Complete your FAFSA by April 15!

Average financial aid information

The chart to the right estimates recent federal, state, and institutional financial assistance awards received by freshman. Our financial aid staff works closely with families and students on the many options related to paying for college expenses:

Donors also play an important part in affordability; the average student at EMU pays only 70% of actual costs thanks to generous gifts from EMU supporters. Over $11 million in aid was awarded by EMU in 2013.

Contact the financial aid team of counselors

Our office is located on the first floor of the Campus Center. Visit us in person, email or call the numbers below if you have financial issues and questions. We’re here to help.

Toll-free U.S.: 800-330-9683
Local/international: 540-432-4137