CJP is one of the best peacebuilding programs in the world!”
—Johan Galtung, PhD – Norwegian sociologist and pioneer in peace and conflict studies

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integrated model

The Center for Justice & Peacebuilding (CJP) includes the graduate program in conflict transformation, the Summer Peacebuilding Institute, Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience and other intensive training, program, and partnership opportunities.

Leader in the Field

CJP was one of the first university graduate divisions to offer a master’s degree in the conflict and peacebuilding field. CJP also launched the first peacebuilding institute offering intensive professional development and graduate-level courses. Our Summer Peacebuilding Institute has become a model for other peacebuilding institutions around the world.

Strong Academics and Practice

CJP is the recognized leader among academic peacebuilding institutions in integrating academic study and practice and houses the only Practice and Training Institute within a graduate peace and conflict studies program. Interactive classes refer to current issues and research and draw from extensive experience of instructors and students.

Diversity and Identity

CJP welcomes people from all cultural and religious traditions. Participants from over 50 countries bring diverse faith and cultural perspectives. CJP builds upon extensive Mennonite experience in domestic and international peacebuilding, relief, and development work and is rooted in the faith commitment of active peace and justice. The rigors of academic specialization at CJP are combined with practical preparation for a life of peacebuilding.

Networking and Hospitality

Participants frequently note the caring hospitality and sense of community at CJP. Students and workshop participants build friendships and other relationships across international, religious, and cultural divides, thus creating valuable networks.

Beauty and Respite

CJP is located on the beautiful campus of Eastern Mennonite University which is nestled in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

Employed, Satisfied Alumni

More than 90 percent of our graduates are professionally employed around the world in peacebuilding-related disciplines. Persons taking courses or seminars for professional development often report their class time has given them invaluable experience for the workplace and field.

Commitment to Peace

The program is committed to supporting conflict transformation, restorative justice, trauma healing, development, organizational leadership, and peacebuilding efforts at all levels of society in situations of complex, protracted, violent or potentially violent, social conflict in the U.S. and around the world.