Practice & Practicum

“The highlight was working closely with my supervisor who provided (and continues to provide) valuable mentorship.”
Amanda Gross (MA, 2013)

Possible Placement Organizations | Packet and Forms

The practicum is a time of learning for students nearing the completion of their masters degree. A practicum can take a variety of forms and be done in settings new or familiar to students.

“I applied to CJP hoping to gain the necessary tools to meet my aspirations—a career as a reflective practitioner building sustainable peace in regions rooted in social, ethnic and religious divides working with youth impacted by violence and or poverty. I am happy to report that the CJP staff and many of my colleagues played an influential and supportive role in guiding my path toward the position I currently hold at Search for Common Ground. From the onset of my practicum, which led me to where I am now, I have had the opportunity of working with hundreds of youth, community leaders, elders, royal fathers, security and government personnel on the local and state level in Nigeria’s Middle Belt and soon the Niger Delta States.” Ema Billings (MA, 2013)

CJP offered me a tremendous toolbox, full of skills and theories and strategies for effectively working toward a more peaceful, just, and loving world, and my practicum gave me the opportunity to put that toolbox to work in real and tangible ways.”
Cole Parke (MA, 2012)

Possible Placement Organizations

Students have completed their practicums in a variety of locations, locally and globally, with many different organizations. The list below includes a few examples of recent practicum sites.

“Sitting in on the national dialogues was an incredible learning opportunity. I witnessed people from a wide variety of sectors coming together to talk about their successes and challenges, and watched bonds form between unlikely allies.”
Joanne Lauterjung Kelly (MA, 2013) Served with Pacific Centre for Peacebuilding & UNDP

Packet & forms

Practicum packet
Thesis proposal guidelines
F-1 practicum guidelines
IRB approval process (for thesis or research practicums)

Forms to submit prior to starting your practicum (or thesis):
Practicum proposal
Thesis proposal

“A practicum highlight for me was the blending of personal and professional learning, and personal and professional being, which allowed me to discover myself in new ways.”
Michelle Van Rassel (MA, 2013)

Samples of practicum proposals:
International Example
UNDP U.S. Example
RJ U.S. Example
Local Example

Forms to submit when you have finished your practicum (or thesis):
Theories of Change & Goals paper
Abstract form
Final Student assessment