Matching Scholarships

SPI has a small scholarship fund available to help promising applicants increase the benefit of their training by extending the number of courses they can take. Research has shown that when participants attend two or more SPI courses, the long-term use and knowledge retention from their trainings are much greater than if they only attend one session.

Matching scholarships require the participant to fully fund their transportation and all expenses for at least one session of SPI. The scholarship will cover the costs of an additional session, including training/materials fees and lodging in a shared bedroom on-campus. The participant is still responsible for their food (other than the weekday noon meal provided as part of on-campus lodging) and incidental expenses for the scholarship session.

This scholarship is added on to what the participant has raised and cannot be used by itself. Participants can receive only one scholarship-funded session of SPI per year, regardless of the total number of sessions attended. Priority will be given to those who did not receive a scholarship from SPI last year.


  • SPI scholarships are for training courses only, not academic credit. There are no exceptions.
  • SPI scholarship for lodging portion of fees is only available if participant pays for at least one more session of lodging.
  • SPI scholarships include lodging in shared bedrooms (two beds in one room) on campus. If a participant would like a single room, the participant is responsible for paying the upgrade fee of $100 for 7-day course lodging and $70 for 5-day course lodging.
  • SPI does not give scholarships for transportation or miscellaneous expenses. See the SPI Faculty Scholarship and the Winston Fellowship for fully funded opportunities.
  • SPI scholarship offers become null and void if the participant’s fees for all other courses, lodging, transportation, etc. are not paid by the first day of their first course.
  • Organizations sponsoring several individuals to attend SPI are eligible to receive scholarship help for a maximum of two participants.

In order to apply for a Matching Scholarship, you must:

  1. Submit an SPI application for admission and pay the $50 application fee.
  2. After your application for admission has been completed, please email spi@emu.edurequesting access to the SPI Scholarship application.

Matching scholarships are awarded on a rolling basis as applications are received and processed, until the scholarship fund has been fully distributed. The earlier your SPI and scholarship applications are received, the greater your chance of receiving a scholarship.

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