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History… the story of humankind

EMU is a Christian liberal arts college dedicated to Mennonite values of peacebuilding and service. We study history from a global viewpoint, one that highlights our need for one another. Study history with us, and we’ll analyze the human experience through a peace and justice lens.

History In Our Backyard


History professor Mary Sprungerjoined many others, including this group from EMU, during the annual Blacks Run cleanup.
Picture (left to right): Will Stanley, Carlos Garcia, Nancy Heisey, Andrea Yoder, Kathleen Cooper, Erin Beidler, Courtney Pullen, Rebekah Nolt, Andrea & Henry Saner, and Mary Sprunger

Our campus is only two hours from both Washington, D.C., the nation’s capital, and Richmond, the Confederate capital. We’re also close to many other historic sites in history-rich Virginia, including the unique Museum of American Frontier Culture in nearby Staunton, many Civil War battlefields, and the National Park Service’s historic Skyine Drive.

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