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Whether we can do both is a riddle of our times. Whatever our political, cultural, or theological place, we often see someone as “other” than us. How can we interact to discover our common ground and perhaps even gain insights and treasured relationships? Are we even willing to try?

A lawyer asked Jesus, “Who is my neighbor?” When we ask that question, we often expect our neighbor to be someone who looks, thinks and acts like us. Jesus turns our expectations upside down. Just as the Samaritan surprised Jesus’ audience, Jesus invites us to be startled when we learn that the “other” is our neighbor. Sometimes the other is like the man left beaten on the side of the road – simply unknown to us. But sometimes the other is an outcast whose perspectives, beliefs, lives, practices or group identities remove them from consideration as a neighbor – like the Samaritan.

During School for Leadership Training 2017 we will identify ways we practice “othering” instead of “neighboring.” We will explore healthy ways to navigate our interactions with the “other” while wearing our own world-view glasses. Ultimately our circle of neighbors will expand, and we may all find insight and gifts. Four keynote addresses, workshops and a seminary faculty panel will push out the specifics of the theme.

Keynoters are likely to be Christina Cleveland and Drew Hart, with many other presenters contributing to panels and workshops. Watch for updates on speakers as details are finalized.

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