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Student Life

Mission Statement

The Mission of Multicultural Student Services Office is to provide educational opportunities and programs that encourage members of the entire EMU campus community to develop a better understanding and appreciation of their own culture, as well as the cultures of others from different ethnic heritages.

The EMU community will be encouraged to participate in Multicultural Services designed to celebrate diversity, stimulate dialog and build relationships across ethnic differences. The Multicultural Services Office is committed to work towards creating an environment that encourages and attracts diverse populations to join and contribute to the EMU community as student, faculty and/or staff.

Creative, effective and purposeful services will be implemented to better recruit, educate and retain American students of African, Hispanic/Latino, Asian and Native heritages. Multicultural Services will seek to build relationships with area community organizations that are dedicated to serve persons of AHANA descent for recruitment, public relations and mentoring resources.

Through The Multicultural Student Services Office, AHANA students will be empowered to succeed academically, socially and spiritually. EMU as a whole, will reap the benefits of a positive and diverse community.