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Housing and Residence Life

Theme Housing

Theme HousingTheme housing is available for 12-16 men and women in 2 6-8 person houses on-campus.Must be 20 years of age or older or be classified as a junior or senior. Proposal required.


A theme house consists of a group of like-minded students living together around a common academic or extra-curricular theme. Students are welcome to submit their own, original proposals for a theme. See Theme Housing informational packet for more information. Proposals are due to the Student Life suite on January 20, 2017.


A proposal must be submitted including the following items:

  • Name and description of theme. The description should include specific areas of impact and how it relates to community life at EMU. Describe what you hope to contribute to the campus community through your theme. Discuss what goals you have for the house members. How will you grow from your theme? What kind of unique contribution will your group make to EMU?
  • Name of house coordinator. Who might serve as a faculty or staff advisor to your house? What do you see this person contributing to your hopes for intentional community and to your theme?
  • Mission statement outlining how you will engage the following 6 pillars: 
    -Scholarship – What will your group do, as a group, to encourage academic growth within its members?
    -Moral Development – What will your group do, as a group, to promote spiritual and moral development within its members?
    -Service/Philanthropy – What will your group do to provide service both on and off campus?
    -Campus Involvement – How will your group be involved on campus? 
    -Leadership Development – What will your group do to promote leadership development within its members?
    -Fulfillment of Mission & Purpose – How will your group go about fulfilling its mission and purpose?
  • Individual statements* of about 1 page from each member stating why you want to be in a theme house. This should also include what you believe you will learn from the experience, what you will contribute to the efforts of the house, and what you hope the EMU community will gain from your work.
  • Proposals should be typed (12 pt. font, double-spaced). Only one proposal needs to be submitted on behalf of the group. Be sure to include each group member’s individual statement with your group proposal.


  • All members of the theme house must have 2 years of post- high school experience and junior class standing to be considered.
  • Meet weekly as a house to explore your particular theme.
  • Meet monthly as a house with your faculty or staff advisor.
  • Provide two programs or events per semester to the EMU community that focus on your particular theme.
  • Maintain a minimum of 75 percent of the original house occupancy for the academic year. Changes to the occupancy of a theme house must be approved by both your faculty/staff advisor and the Housing office.
  • Students must be in good standing with the college in order to be considered for a theme house.
  • In addition to the theme house proposal, other standard upper-class housing criteria will be assessed in awarding houses to those applying.
  • Additional considerations may apply as necessary.