Just for Parents

Choosing the right college is one of the most important decisions a family will ever make. We’ll help you navigate and enjoy this time in the life of your family.

Thanks for the chance to talk about the value of the education your daughters and sons will receive at EMU. Our admissions staff looks forward to working with you! Take the time to visit our beautiful campus and experience EMU for yourself!

What will this cost our family?

EMU offered the gift of an outstanding education, with practical application to daily life, a welcoming, caring community and preparedness for life at a comparably “reasonable” cost… what more could parents ask? EMU is indeed a special place.

-Diane Bailey, mother of recent EMU graduates Nate and Ben Bailey.

You’ll be surprised how affordable an EMU education really is. Nearly 100% of EMU students receive financial aid, and an average financial aid package is $25,100. Millions in aid are awarded by EMU each year.

Check out a breakdown of average packages, our cost of attendance estimator, and tuition info.

A Sustainable and Safe Campus

CampusWe keep a safe and sustainable campus environment in which your child can live, learn, and work. Though emergencies and crimes are not common, our staff is serious about crisis communication and planning. Our security programs include awareness seminars for all students and thorough training of residential-life staff and campus security personnel.

How will your child know if there’s a crisis on campus? Our crisis communications plan a wide array of alerts including text messaging, computer and network notifications, website alerts, etc.

Get involved in the search!

There are lots of ways to get involved with your child’s college search process. Here are some ideas:

  • Campus Visit – Bring your future freshman to campus and learn more first-hand!
  • Attend an Event – Attend an EMU-related event on campus or in your area and learn more about other EMU students.