2007 Homecoming and Family Weekend

In 2007 EMU marked an important anniversary: 90 years. Hundreds of alumni joined us to “Celebrate the Vision” at EMU's annual Homecoming and Family Weekend and joined in the 90th anniversary celebration.

See photos from the exciting weekend, review the full schedule, or read the news article covering the biggest events! Below we've listed two highlights of the special anniversary weekend... This was EMU at 90!

Celebrate the Vision

A 30-minute video featuring historical photos and audio from the last 90 years, excerpts from Jay B. Landis' baccalaureate address from 2006, beautiful hymns, and interviews with Hubert Pellman, Margaret Gehman, Donella Clemmens, Evelyn Maust and Justus Holsinger.

90 Years of Music at EMU

How has music changed through the years at EMU? From strictly a capella hymns to incorporation of instruments and varied styles, we revisited the sounds of the various eras during "A Celebration of Song and Sound" Friday and Saturday nights.

Drawing on his 30 years as professor of music at EMU, Dr. Kenneth J. Nafziger led us through an evening of choral and instrumental performances, including audience participation.

A reception, sponsored by Encore! music alumni group followed the concert to celebrate the music leadership at EMU of John W. Fast (32 years) and Kenneth J. Nafziger (30 years).