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Dr. Kevin Foley

Dr. Kevin F. Foley

EMU grad year: 1996

major: history, political science

current job/title: Professor of laboratory medicine,
The Mayo Clinic

I've attended two grad schools, completed post-doc research, and taught grad and undergrad students at different universities; I can honestly say that EMU is the best school I have been a part of. EMU taught me how to be analytical. It is the best educational environment I have experienced.quote

I taught at a major university for four years and I continue to teach medical students now. I have come to believe that the biggest problem facing new college students isn’t their intellect or their high school background, it is their work ethic and campus environment. EMU provided a nurturing, safe and God-centered environment which, as I look back, was THE reason I was able to be successful.

I would recommend EMU for any student who wants to stand out and hone their analytical skills. There are many colleges in the United States and most have decent faculty and curricula, however few try to instill a God-centered Anabaptist environment. I think an environment like this is important for a good, professional education.

I have also learned that conflict resolution is a key attribute for any field. EMU’s peaceful environment and commitment to conflict resolution rubs off on students and I have carried some of these skills with me and this has helped me in my administrative duties.

I also feel that EMU allowed me to become a “citizen of the world.” By sparking or fueling this citizenship, EMU has enabled me to simply be better informed about the world. Better informed people get better jobs.

Finally, as an academic professional I have worked in schools where so many numerous students who start out as excited, starry eyed freshman, eager to go on to medical school. But soon after moving on campus they become entangled in the sex, drugs, fraternity/sorority, party-atmosphere and their goals and work ethic quickly fade. When I was at EMU I was surrounded by friends who sincerely sought God’s will and wisdom. The faculty and staff were professional and, for the most part, exemplified a mature Christian walk.