Congratulations to the winners of Orie Miller Center’s 2011-12 Mini-Grant Competition


Students majoring in Environmental Sustainability are purchasing hydroponic equipment to experiment with water-efficient methods of growing vegetables in collaboration with the Biology department and Earthkeepers club.

Occupy Empire Conference

Seminary students Brian Gumm and Aaron Kauffman are organizing a mini-conference to be held at EMU on April 13-14 exploring the ways in which the Anabaptist tradition can help inspire faithful occupation in today’s world.

Internal Peace and Well-being Seminar

Students in the Psychology department are sponsoring a seminar focusing on internal peace and well-being as well as community peace. The three sessions of the seminar will focus on compassion, mindfulness, and interconnectedness as human beings.

2012-13 Mini-Grant Competition

If you missed out on this year’s competition, don’t worry — the annual competition takes place every year, and proposals for the 2012-13 awards will be accepted beginning in December 2012. For more information, contact Gloria Rhodes, chair of the Orie Miller Center.