Applied Social Science Minors

International Development – 18 SH

This minor provides basic understandings of assessment, mobilization, and empowerment for students preparing to work in the fields of community or international development.

Peacebuilding – 18 SH

The minor in peacebuilding provides students an opportunity to become familiar with the theories and processes of peacebuilding practice.

Criminology and Restorative Justice – 18 SH

The minor is designed for students who are preparing for careers in which they will engage the criminal justice system as agents of change actively working towards a society that envisions justice as restorative and transformative. Learn more about the criminology and restorative justice minor.

Humanitarian Action – 21 SH

The minor in humanitarian action prepares the graduate for entry-level involvement in agencies responding to humanitarian situations, including disasters around the world. Students pursuing this minor must work carefully with the major advisor and the Humanitarian Action Leadership (HAL) director to coordinate their choice of courses.

Sociology – 18 SH

Environmental Sustainability – 17-18 SH