Bible and Religion at EMU

EMU Bible and religion students delve deep into Scripture, do their own spiritual formation work, and find their purpose in life as followers of Jesus; they become equipped to serve the common good close to home and around the world.

As a graduate, you will be prepared to attend seminary or graduate studies, or begin immediately to serve in churches, service organizations, schools, hospitals, and community organizations. You will develop self awareness and skills to make a difference through a commitment to Anabaptist Mennonite values of cross-cultural understanding, care for creation, non-violent peacebuilding and service to others as Jesus modeled.

Hands-On Learning and Exploration

Bible and religion students join in and often lead campus worship experiences and serve as ministry or pastoral assistants in residence halls. All students, whether they are a department major or not, are invited to explore pastoral ministry and test their gifts first-hand through the Ministry Inquiry Program. A unique benefit to Bible and religion students also lies in being on the same campus as Eastern Mennonite Seminary.

Program News

Popular evangelical author and blogger Rachel Held Evans spoke on campus March 19, 2014. Read a summary article about her three presentations which touched on why millenials are leaving the church and her experience of “a year of biblical womanhood.” Listen to a chapel podcast on her call to “Keep the church weird” and another podcast of her evening presentation to a packed house on “A year of biblical womanhood.”