The following are now graduates … and can be replaced!

So Hyun Kim
Major: Philosophy and Theology, Psychology
Why EMU: EMU has new ways of looking at and dealing with the world’s problems, such as that of conflict transformation, and views ethnic diversification in a genuinely positive light. I believed EMU’s out-of-the-box way of thinking might compliment my struggle to integrate philosophy, theology, and psychology in wrestling with global and personal issues as well as seeming inconsistencies within my own understanding of Christian faith.
Impression: I had not expected to find the wealth of cultural diversity – in quality, not necessarily quantitatively – and respect for other cultures that I did on this small campus. Additionally, I was inspired by the ideological diversity and the necessary respect for different opinions, which fosters growth. Most of all, I have been impacted by the community’s empowering of ethnic females in a traditionally white and male dominated society. I urge others to remember that evolution and change does not have to be an obvious or ostentatious process but can instead take place by giving persons the chance to live out their potential one person at a time.

Rachel Kolb
Major: Congregational & Youth Ministries
Why EMU: I chose to attend EMU because I wanted to continue being challenged in my walk with God. Also, I knew that if I attended EMU I would have many different opportunities for leadership.
Interesting/challenging/helpful in major: The professors of my classes were an asset to my learning. They have such valuable experiences which really make the content of their material very rich. The most challenging, yet rewarding, things that I’ve encountered since being at EMU has been hearing different viewpoints on global issues and topics in the church. It’s good to hear other sides of the story and then take those into consideration as college students form their own morals and beliefs.
Advice: If you choose a Bible and religion major, it’s important to remember that your beliefs will be challenged, but in a good way. There are also professors who care and would love to talk about whatever you’re struggling with. The B&R department is small enough that you can create lasting relationships with peers and professors.

Jonathan Lamb
Major: Culture, Religion and Mission
Why EMU: I came to EMU to find a Christian community of education that would help my walk in faith, not tear it down.
Interesting/challenging/helpful in major: My major is enjoyable because it involves many concepts that are hardly ever talked about in public school.
Advice: The knowledge and guidance of professors in the B&R department is exceptionable. They are the quality that makes future leaders of the Church, including all denominations.

John Tyson
Major: Biblical Studies
Why EMU: Campus atmosphere, Cross-cultural requirement, Mentor recommendation.
Interesting/challenging/helpful in major: Un-ending quest for answers, practicing theory, practicing Jesus
Advice: Expose yourself to whatever. Question your assumptions. Keep reading.