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Elaine Zook Barge, MA
Assistant Professor of the Practice of Trauma Awareness & Resilience
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Catherine Barnes, PhD
Associate Professor of Strategic Peacebuilding and Public Policy
Expertise: War-to-peace transitions and peace processes, political negotiation, state-building, conflict prevention, civil society roles in peacebuilding, and more. profile | More details

David Brubaker, PhD
Associate Professor of Organizational Studies
Expertise: Healthy organizations, leadership, group conflict and change processes; consulting within non-profit organizations, workplace mediation, and more.
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Jayne Seminare Docherty, PhD
Program Director; Professor of Leadership and Public Policy
Expertise: Negotiation, terrorism and political violence, action research, strategic peacebuilding program design and evaluation; peacebuilding curriculum, and more.
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Barry Hart, PhD
Professor of Trauma, Identity & Conflict Studies
Expertise: Conflict transformation, prejudice reduction, trauma awareness and recovery; reconciliation in Northern Ireland and Africa.
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Paulette Moore, MA, doctoral student
Associate Professor of the Practice of Media Arts and Peacebuilding, Visual & Communication Arts/VACA & CJP
Expertise: Documentary filmmaking, social media, peacebuilding and the arts.
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Gloria Rhodes, PhD
Associate Professor of Peacebuilding and Conflict Studies, Applied Social Sciences & CJP
Expertise: Peacebuilding curriculum development and pedagogy, conflict analysis, practice-related research, group facilitation and mediation, and more.
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Lisa Schirch, PhD
Research Professor; Director of Human Security, Alliance for Peacebuilding
Expertise: Policymaking, media, government and military approaches to conflict prevention; integrating peacebuilding and community development in the Middle East and Africa, and more.
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Carl Stauffer, PhD
Assistant Professor of Justice and Development Studies
Expertise: Restorative and transitional justice; peacebuilding, community development, and conflict transformation initiatives in 20 countries in Africa, and more.
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Daryl BylerJ. Daryl Byler, JD
Executive Director
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Katie CookKatie Cook, MA
Program Associate for Admissions
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Amy Potter CzajkowskiAmy Potter Czajkowski, MA
Acting Director, Women’s Peacebuilding Leadership Program
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Jayne Seminare Docherty, PhD
Program Director; Professor of Leadership and Public Policy
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Jennifer Fawley, BS
Program Associate for STAR
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Bill Goldberg, MA
Director, Summer Peacebuilding Institute
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Vernon Jantzi, PhD
Program Manager, STAR Latin-America; CJP Co-Founder
Expertise: International deveopment, peacebuilding, restorative justice; monitoring and evaluation in Latin America, Australia, and Africa.
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Janice Jenner, MA
New Program Development Specialist
Expertise: Project planning, development and management; community-based peacebuilding processes, particularly in Africa.
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Patience Kamau Patience Kamau
Office Coordinator & Assistant to the Executive Director
Program Coordinator for the Zehr Institute for Restorative Justice
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Daine KellogDiane Kellogg
WPLP Student Success Coordinator

Amy KnorrAmy Knorr, MA
Practice Director
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Bonnie Price Lofton, MA
Editor-in-Chief, Eastern Mennonite University
Publications: Peacebuilder magazine, Crossroads
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Lindsay Martin, JD
Associate Director of Development for CJP
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Nathan Musselman, MA
Program Associate for the Summer Peacebuilding Institute
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Janelle Myers-Benner, BA
Academic Program Coordinator
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Sarah Roth ShankSarah Roth Shank, MA
Director for Admissions
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Kathy Smith, BA
Program Administrator
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Leda Werner Leda Werner, MA
Program Associate for WPLP
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John Paul Lederach, PhD
John Paul is the founding director of EMU’s Conflict Transformation Program and its associated Practice and Training Institute. He serves on the faculty of the Kroc Institute at Notre Dame. Annually, he either teaches or mentors CJP students in a retreat or classroom setting. He has extensive experience as a peacebuilding practitioner, trainer and consultant throughout Latin America, Africa and the U.S. He has been a pioneer in developing elecitive methods of conflict resolution training and practice, and is a widely published theorist in both English and Spanish. He holds a Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Colorado.
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Howard Zehr, PhD
Distinguished Professor of Restorative Justice
Expertise: Restorative justice theory and practice; victim issues; documentary and contemplative photography; interview-based research.
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