Possibility or Pipedream: A Restorative Social Justice Movement

Join us for a frank conversation between Dr. Dana Greene and Dr. Carl Stauffer exploring the unrealized revolutionary promise of restorative justice. They will examine the current direction of restorative justice in particular highlighting missteps all too reminiscent of past reforms. They will discuss tactics, strategies, assets, and as of yet neglected opportunities to use restorative justice to foment a social justice movement in the United States.

Carl Stauffer will facilitate the webinar.

When: March 19, 2014, 4:30-6 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time (United States)

Cost: $10 USD

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Dr. Dana Greene is an associate professor in the Criminal Justice Department at New Mexico State University. Her most recent publication, in Contemporary Justice Review, “Repeat Performance: Is Restorative Justice just another good reform gone bad?” is a piece related to her ongoing overarching life project: to demonstrate that the United States’ persistent penal reform stasis can be interrupted, advance theory as to how it may be re-directed, while cultivating and participating in strategies that foster a just and humane society. Dana came to the study of punishment from a history of street activism and is deeply committed to applying her work beyond the academy. Her interests include social change movements, restorative justice, penal history, penal abolition, immigration, and social control. Check out a web project where she was the scholar-in-residence.

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