Media for Societal Transformation (578)

Paulette Moore and Danielle Taylor

Digital and social media are prevailing and powerful forms of expression and connection and it is crucial for peace and community builders, advocates, and activists to understand the impact of communication technology on our work and lives.

In this course you will gain perspective and skills around why and how to use media in peacebuilding by engaging groundbreaking theory and philosophy, real-world case studies, as well as hands-on training in creating films and interacting with social media. We will focus on key concepts of embodiment and media and media as it relates to the sacred.

Through intensive workshops, participants will learn the basics of camera use, editing, audio, lighting, and storytelling. You will learn to use blogging, Twitter, and other social media to amplify your own projects as well as the voices of the communities with whom you partner. You will propose, develop and complete your own media-based project during the course. The course will culminate in a mini film festival showcasing participants’ pieces. No previous experience with digital media is necessary. Due to the nature of the course an additional lab fee will apply.